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Praise Him Ministries educational events about the land and the people of the bible, Zion, Israel, and the Jewish people.

For the Sake of Zion – PHM Educational Events

Fall/Winter 2020 virtual meetings via Zoom with Ilan Sharon: Biblical Zion and The Modern Land of Israel – Focus on Judea and Samaria

When: Thursdays (dates) at 7 p.m. (each of the meetings is a stand-alone session. You are invited to attend any or all in the series and to invite friends who may be interested.)

Where: from wherever you are, via Zoom at

What: Biblical Zion and The Modern Land of Israel – Focus on Judea and Samaria. Our fall/winter 2020 weekly meetings will be virtual via Zoom, they will include teachings, live discussions, and interactive quiz in an engaging and fun setting where you can experience Zion and the Jewish people through short videos, presentations, and live discussion with Ilan Sharon, our Israeli Jewish friend.

The meetings are respectfully designed for both the Jewish community and the Christian community, the host is Christian and the speaker is Jewish.

Cost: There is no cost to attend. Donations are welcome. To make a donation please visit

How to join our meeting:

To join our Zoom meeting click

If you don’t already have Zoom installed on your computer or phone, we recommend that you try it BEFORE the meeting (now is a good time). You may use the free version. Try it here:

You may join us either on your smartphone, your tablet, or your computer (we recommend the computer). But, if possible, have a second device available to be used during the interactive quiz section. A second device can be any device that is connected to the internet, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To help us know who is on, please write your name when you join the ZOOM meeting.

About For the Sake of Zion – PHM Educational Events:
The year 2020 presented a challenge to events that included physical gatherings, but at PHM we don’t let it stop us from doing what we believe in. Therefore, we are excited to hold this year virtual educational events about the land of the bible and the Jewish people.

Our virtual meetings will be designed to be uplifting, interesting, and interactive to allow you to virtually experience the holy land and learn to know our Jewish brothers and sisters. Ilan Sharon will use short videos, interactive quiz, and live discussions during those meetings. Expect a close and personal group environment with Ilan.

We will be utilizing Zoom for those meetings. You can join us from your home or wherever you are, you will need either a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet and an internet connection to join us.

A Night for Israel 2021


Our next annual Night for Israel is scheduled for February 18, 2021

Where: The Pavilion

Passover Seder


Our next annual Passover Seder is scheduled for (either Saturday March 27, 2021 or Sunday March 28, 2021)

Where: Ridgway Christian Center

Reservations: TBD

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